Blend Studio is a suite of web based tools designed to make the creation of 360˚ video and image VR content really easy.

The Blend Studio Creator is a web-based 360˚ video based VR app creation platform that enables you to add text, logos, web links, 2D videos and custom audio to any 360˚ photo or video. You can even link multiple 360˚ videos and photos together to tell a deeper story, encouraging users to stay engaged. You can build a VR app by uploading your own 360˚ content or by selecting content from our library.

Why use Blend Studio?

360˚ content has 41% more interactions, a 5x higher click through rate, and 46% higher full length views than traditional video. A 360˚ Video Story is a compelling way to capture your audience’s attention, and keep them engaged in your world. It offers a real-time experience, ready to be embedded in websites, published to ad networks or shared across social media.

How To Get Started

Begin by naming your project

If this is your first time using the Blend Studio Creator, our tutorial gives you a brief overview of the platform, and what you can do with it.

To begin with you can either start from scratch with a blank canvas, or you can choose from one of our pre-populated templates. 

Once you’ve chosen your template you will be launched into the Blend Studio Creator where you can begin to create your Story!

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