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What is the difference between Rights Managed and Royalty Free content?
What is the difference between Rights Managed and Royalty Free content?
Written by Kerry Jones
Updated over a week ago

All the content in our library is classified into three licensing types: Rights Managed, Standard Royalty Free and Premium Royalty Free.

Rights Managed (RM) licenses are determined by how a customer wants to use the content. RF content is licensed at a pre-set price and the content is then available to the customer in perpetuity.  

Rights Managed content prices on the other hand are calculated keeping in mind factors like 

  • What purpose the content is used for (advertising/corporate/education etc), 

  • Which regions the content will be used in (one-off/local/global etc.) 

  • For how long (6 months/3 years/perpetuity etc)

Once a licence term has expired, a customer is able to re-license the same clip, again taking into consideration how they wish to use the content, in which regions and for how long.

Pricing will vary according to the licence required but it is safe to say licences for commercial use like advertising will be higher than for corporate or education use.

RM quote requests are typically processed within 3 business days. We aim to get back to our customers asap but in busy periods it might take upto 8 hours for us to get back when contact has been first made. 

Needless to say our sales teams will always strive to get the best possible license fee for all content.

Royalty Free (RF) Content: This is a licensing model where a customer can license a clip or piece of content and pay just one set price for it no matter what they plan to use it for or how many times they want to use it. It’s a very simple, low friction transaction process for customers.  

RF clips are curated into two collections.

Premium RF: These are clips that are of good quality but just don’t quite make the grade when it comes to selecting for the RM collection. This might be because there are rigs still in shot, the footage could be a little more stable – things that could be rectified in post  production but they might need a little extra work all the same. Prices for Premium RF start from  £295 / 340 Euro / $400 with discounts available to customers buying in bulk. 

Standard RF: These are clips that could have been in our collection a long time and perhaps shot with early cameras, have rigs, tripods, nadirs or logos in shot.  Prices for Standard RF start at £150 / 175 Euro / $200 with discounts available to customers buying in bulk.



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