Virtual trainings are transforming the way organisations recruit, train and develop their employees, using 360 video and virtual reality (VR) to simulate real-world, on-the-job scenarios for enhanced learning. Virtual training is being hailed as ‘The New Powerpoint’ - as VR engages people in immersive and social environments, ultimately solving the problem of isolation and lack of engagement.  

More importantly, it enables users to ‘monotask’ - to be present, in the moment and focused. We are no longer distracted by our ringing cell phones, email or social media feeds. Learning through VR also increases information retention, as when we watch something through a headset, our brain feels like it is actually experiencing the situation. For employers, VR is also a good way to analyse behaviour and common patterns that arise during training and make improvements accordingly.

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is using 360 video to train one million employees in topics such as management and customer service. Their pilot study showed that VR training boosts confidence and retention, whilst improving test scores by 10-15%.  89% of learners said they felt more prepared after a VR training session.

“The great thing about VR is its ability to make learning experiential...When you watch a module through the headset, your brain feels like you actually experience a situation.”  - Andy Trainor, Walmart’s Senior Director of Walmart US Academies

Lloyds Bank is using VR to test potential recruits in situations that are otherwise difficult to recreate.

“Using VR to assess candidates has helped us predict real life behaviour more accurately. By revealing authentic ability rather than practiced responses, it’s leading us to better hiring decisions.” - Arbi Rai, Senior Recruitment Manager Lloyds Banking Group

Deloitte asked Blend Media to produce something to help with their efforts at an upcoming recruitment fair. We created a virtual tour of one of their London offices to showcase to prospective employees the office culture they can expect from working there (showcasing your ping-pong table is always a great idea!). As a result, the number of their applicants post event significantly increased by three times. Deloitte has discovered multiple uses for what we created for them - not only for recruitment but also as part of the onboarding of new employees and workplace mobility. 

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