Hotspots are a powerful feature, designed to create immersive experiences interactive. With Blend Studio, you can use hotspots to either link multiple scenes together, allowing your users to navigate between them, or to open an external link.

You can create a hotspots in your story by clicking on Insert Element and choosing Hotspot.

You will be prompted to choose what you want you hotspot to do - Link to another scene in this story or Open an external link (web, email). 

Once you have chosen the action, you can either select which Scene from the story you want to link to or input your external URL.

Hint: to insert an email link enter the link in the following format:

In the Hotspot Style dropdown you can choose whether you want your internal hotspot to be a Portal - using a preview of the scene it leads to or a custom image, or an Icon. 

Note: External URL hotspots can only be icons. We have a pre-populated library of icons you can use in your project.

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