The aim of a brief is to provide a window to your idea. A clear, detailed and well written brief will help match your planned project to the right creator with the skillsets required to bring your project to life. 

The brief is an outline of all the project's requirements, objectives, goals, and resources. It's from the brief that everything else flows, allowing both the customer and the creator to know and understand the expectations of the project, from simple operational requirements to the aspirations and vision of the project. In creating a brief, you are defining and outlining the scope and aspirations of the project

Creators on Blend Market are here for a reason - they're professionals within the immersive space and will know what’s required, so long as you provide enough information for them to begin to understand what you’re after, even if you’re not quite sure yourself!

As Immersive media is still developing, its possible that as a customer you may not know if certain things are even possible to create or if they are, how they can be produced and how much they would cost. If this is the case there are two things you can do:

  1. Email to ask and we will help scope out the project or find an expert in that field who can.

  2. Post a brief on Blend Market explaining as best you can what you want to achieve or try to achieve - but making it clear that you would like to connect with an experienced Producer or Development Producer who can scope out a project for you, work out what's possible, what resources would be needed to bring the project to life, how long it would take and how much you could expect to pay. It's likely the that this producer could then be taken on as your project manager, build the required team and oversee the project for you.

It's important to note that briefs may be very different according to the genre of production. For example a brief for a branded Instagram Filter created by a Spark AR artist designer would be very different both creatively and technically to a brief for a 360 Video shoot. Templates specific to different genres of production will be available but look in the FAQ's for genre-specific brief guides.

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