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Why your portfolio is so important...

Written by Simon Brooksbank
Updated over a week ago

You will be unable to apply or submit bids for projects posted on Blend Marketplace until you have completed your portfolio.

When you register as a creator it's vital you complete your portfolio as part of the process. Think of your portfolio as a resume; if you applied for a job, no recruiter or employer would think of hiring you or even inviting you for an interview if you hadn't supplied a resume. This is no different.

Whether you are registering as an individual creator or as a company, your portfolio will give customers important insight into your experience, skillsets, previous clients and projects. No customer will hire a creator if they cannot demonstrate proven ability in that area. Remember also that many clients may well be exploring immersive media for the first time and will only want to work with creators that they can trust to deliver and who can validate their credentials with previous work. The clients may also be agencies handling projects on behalf of their clients and will only want to work with creators they can trust so they can deliver the best results to their clients.

Portfolios that create any feelings of doubt for the customer will not get past the bidding stage, so it's very important your portfolio as thorough and as accurate as possible. 

Portfolios are vetted and if it's found that creators have portfolios that are inaccurate, misleading or fraudulent in terms of skills, abilities, previous projects or clients, these accounts will be removed from Blend Market and not welcomed back. 

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