Generating new Projects for creators is key to the success of Blend Market. The more clients who upload briefs to Blend Market, the better it is for everyone.

For every Project you refer to Blend Market you will receive three per cent (3%) of the Platform Fee, capped at an amount of £1,000. For more info on the Platform Fee see the Blend Market Terms and Conditions.

For the Referral Fee to be paid, the project must be completed successfully and the Platform Fee paid by the client.

To refer clients and projects to Blend Market, send them a link to Blend Market that includes your referral code and when the client submits their project brief we'll record that project as being referred by you. Your invite link can be found your account settings here.

Can I share my referral link on my website or other social media?

Sure, go ahead. 

Sharing is caring :)

Read the Blend Market Referral Program Terms & Conditions for more info.

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