Blend Market helps immersive creators and developers find paid work. Our platform makes it easy for businesses to turn their immersive projects into reality.

Being part of our community has other benefits. Whether you are new to immersive or an established creator, we are building partnerships that you can take advantage of. These include learning resources and reduced rates on devices and services. We are continuing to add to our list of partners, if you have any suggestions of tools or platforms that might be useful then please email us.

Current community benefits

Circuit Stream

Circuit Stream offers a full platform of AR/VR training, learning, and software to help you master immersive technology.

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Not ready to make a purchase yet, why not try out one of Circuit Stream's upcoming free workshops.

What: Intro Unity MARS

When: 10th November, 15:00. EST

In this free, introductory workshop, join Circuit Stream as they go over the Unity MARS package and its intended uses. You will learn how to start, manage, and test your AR projects inside MARS. Check it out!

What: VR 360 Tours

When: 12th November, 19:00. EST

What are some of the major keys to developing 360 imaging for VR? Do you understand what raycasting is, and how to use it effectively? Join Circuit Stream for this free workshop to learn all these details and more!

What: AR for Everyone

When: 17th November, 19:00. EST

Curious about accessibility in AR? Join Circuit Stream as they explore what's required to reach specific markets; You'll dive into interactions to overcome differing abilities, direct manipulation, and hand rays colour blindness language localization. If you're interested in accessibility, this workshop is for you!

What: HoloLens Space Invaders

When: 19th November, 15:00. EST

Join Circuit Stream in this free workshop - practice hand gestures in AR by destroying randomly spawning targets before they reach you! This free workshop is a great opportunity to learn in a fun, interactive setting.

What: XR Development with Unity course (run every 2 months)

When: December 1st, 2020

Come back soon

We are busy creating many more meaningful partnerships for our community, make sure to check back soon for our latest learning resources and offers.

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